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Alhaji Gero

Meet Alhaji Gero

Director and editor of AI football

Gero’s professional career has been marked by several notable achievements. He currently plays for TPS, where he has made significant contributions to the team’s performance. Prior to joining TPS, Gero played for Östersunds FK of Sweden [5]. He has also played for several other clubs, including Viborg FF of Denmark and Helsingborgs IF of Sweden. In 2022, Gero joined TPS and has since become a key player for the team. His market value is currently estimated at €150k

Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Finnish club TPS

Thomas A. Edison

Gero has also made significant contributions to the Nigerian national team. He has represented Nigeria in several international competitions, including the 2014 African Nations Championship and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In May 2023, Gero came off the bench to score a goal and help TPS earn a point in a Six-Goal thriller against AC Oulu.

Gero’s player data and stats demonstrate his skill and dedication to the sport. Overall, Gero’s career achievements demonstrate his talent and potential to continue making significant contributions to the world of football.

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