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Atlético Madrid’s interest in Franck Kessié

Franck Kessié, a midfielder for Barcelona and the Ivory Coast national team, has recently caught the attention of Atlético Madrid. Kessié began his professional career in Italy, playing for Atalanta and AC Milan before joining Barcelona in 2022. He primarily plays as a defensive midfielder in a double midfield pivot, a style that differs from Barcelona’s preferred formation. Despite only being with Barcelona for a year, there have been rumors of Kessié potentially leaving the club, with Atlético Madrid being one of the teams interested in acquiring him. Kessié’s career and potential impact on Atlético Madrid’s squad make him a highly sought-after player in the transfer market.

Atlético Madrid’s interest in Kessié is likely due to his strong performances on the field and his versatility as a midfielder. Kessié is known for his physicality, strong tackling, and ability to win the ball back in midfield. He is also capable of contributing offensively, having scored 13 goals and provided 6 assists in the 2021-2022 season with AC Milan. With Atlético Madrid looking to strengthen their midfield, Kessié’s skill set and experience in top-level European competition make him an attractive target for the club.

If Kessié were to join Atlético Madrid, he would likely have a significant impact on the team’s midfield. His defensive abilities would provide added protection for the backline, while his offensive contributions would increase the team’s attacking options. Kessié’s experience in the Champions League would also be valuable for Atlético Madrid as they look to compete at the highest level of European competition. While there are still uncertainties surrounding Kessié’s potential transfer, his addition to Atlético Madrid’s squad would undoubtedly strengthen the team’s chances of success in the upcoming season.

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