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AS Roma

Ebrima Darboe’s loan move to LASK

AS Roma has announced that 22-year-old midfielder Ebrima Darboe will be loaned out to LASK for the upcoming season. Darboe, who has already made 11 appearances for the Roma first team, will join the Austrian side on a straight loan deal. This move presents an opportunity for Darboe to gain valuable experience and further develop his skills in a different competitive environment.

The decision to loan out Darboe may have been driven by several factors. One possible reason is to provide him with more playing time and opportunities for growth. By joining LASK, Darboe will have the chance to feature regularly in matches and potentially take on a more prominent role within the team. Additionally, the loan move allows Roma to monitor Darboe’s progress closely and assess his development before potentially reintegrating him into their squad in the future.

At LASK, Darboe will be expected to contribute to the team’s midfield and make a positive impact on their performances. The loan spell provides him with an opportunity to showcase his skills and adapt to a different style of play. It is a chance for Darboe to prove himself and potentially attract attention from other clubs or even secure a permanent move to LASK. Overall, the loan move to LASK presents a promising opportunity for Ebrima Darboe to continue his footballing journey and further his career.

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