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Davide Frattesi’s potential move from Sassuolo to Inter

Negotiations between Sassuolo and Inter are underway regarding Davide Frattesi’s potential move from Sassuolo to Inter. Frattesi’s agent has confirmed that a transfer to Inter Milan is very close. According to recent reports, Inter has accelerated their pursuit of Frattesi and has a verbal agreement with Sassuolo. The midfielder is valued at €40 million by Sassuolo CEO Giovanni Carnevali. These ongoing negotiations indicate the strong interest from Inter in acquiring Frattesi’s services.

Frattesi himself has expressed his desire to join Inter Milan. He is ready to leave Sassuolo this summer and sees Inter as a favorable destination. The 23-year-old Italian midfielder’s potential move to Inter Milan signifies a significant step in his career. Joining a top club like Inter could provide him with greater exposure, higher level of competition, and opportunities to further develop his skills. This transfer could be a crucial turning point in Frattesi’s professional journey.

The potential move of Davide Frattesi from Sassuolo to Inter Milan would have an impact on both clubs. For Sassuolo, losing a talented midfielder like Frattesi could be a setback. However, it could also provide an opportunity for other players to step up and fill the void left by Frattesi’s departure. On the other hand, Inter Milan would gain a promising young player who could contribute to their midfield and strengthen their squad. The transfer could potentially benefit both clubs in terms of their respective goals and aspirations in the Serie A.

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